"Slice open the multi-colored facade you hide behind, and see the world for what it truly is"  This is my statement as an artist. It explains alot on why I deal with a lot of blacks, whites and grays(literally and figuratively), whether in writing or in pictorial forms. I truly believe that the world can be easily broken down into these 3 categories, and have been fascinated with the idea of exploring this different facets of our humanity in my stories and art. *Jay Chou is the exclusive property of Jay Chou*


Breathe in, take in the sights, absorb everything around you. Journey to the center of the earth and see the city at work. Come and rejoice with us as tradition and modernity intertwine to form a beautiful blend of sight and sound. With every single moment is a new experience, every turn you take presents something new. Take in the melodies of an exciting urban paradise, as cars zoom past towering skyscrapers and the city breathes to the constant humming of its many generators. Witness the birth of a new tradition as the city lights envelope the old and make them new again. Take a walk down Neochinatown, where the sun never sets and the city never sleeps.