I’m Shawn

Shawn Yap, or 13Wishes, is a Singaporean comic artist, writer and illustrator.


He made his debut with “Jack Doe: Anonymous”(2009), a noir detective thriller published by local publishers, Chuangyi and serialized in its “MUGEN” anthology. Since then, he has gone on to publish a 2nd book – “Closets” (2010) and is looking to publish a 3rd this year –“Letters”, both tales about his childhood. Apart from that, he has worked on games (both video and tabletop) and is looking to release his first card game – “Crisis!”. As a freelance illustrator, he has also worked on many projects for various clients – including IBM, Ogilvy & Mather and Yahoo!


He believes in many things, but most of all that art is a gift from God to bind the world together.


You can follow his work as well on:
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Come and see for yourself, a life as told through art.